a brighter future
brighter future  


Creating A Brighter Future involves not only the alleviation of distress (see list below), but also the enhancement of levels of happiness and life satisfaction. Please see the articles page for general approaches to manage difficulties and improve levels of happiness.

Difficulties we treat

•  Anxiety:
including post-trauma reactions, panic attacks, social anxiety, excessive worry, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder and health anxiety.

•  Coping with stressful life events:
including workplace and relationship difficulties

•  Chronic pain and adjusting to illness / injury:
adjusting to lifestyle changes, learning pain management strategies and reducing frequency of flare-ups whilst still achieving life goals

•  Mood difficulties:
such as depression (including pre-natal and post-natal), lack of energy, low motivation, and mood swings

•  Other:
low self-esteem, anger, bereavement, addictions, perfectionism, and sleep difficulties.

If the difficulty for which you are seeking help is not listed above, please contact us and we will try to direct you to an appropriate place to find the assistance you require.


Besides helping people overcome difficulties and disorders, we also offer coaching services to assist those who simply want to achieve a higher level of happiness and productivity. We can assist you to (1) clarify your life purpose and direction; (2) set realistic and achievable goals; (3) problem solve around factors that may impede your achieving these goals; (4) make better use of your strengths; (5) develop resilience; (6) create a better balance in your life; (7) improve important relationships; (8) live more in the present moment, appreciating what it has to offer, and (9) think optimistically. In other words, be happier.