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•  Stress management (Stress - the good, the bad and the ugly)

•  Treatment of insomnia (Losing sleep about sleep?)

•  Treatment of depression (Happiness vs sadness: the cycles that maintain our emotions)

•  Decreasing perfectionism (Sick and tired of trying to be perfect?)

•  Improving self-esteem (Seeing yourself clearly: 4 secrets to high self-esteem)

•  Treating panic attacks (Panicking about panic?)

•  Management of anxiety (Anxiety: Helping or hindering?)

•  Treatment of Social Phobia (Social situations: Provocateurs of anxiety?)

•  Overcoming grief (Growing from loss)

•  Treatment of Postnatal depression (Baby = Happiness, or does it?)

•  Management of Chronic Pain (Living with pain)

Treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (Working through the torment of trauma)

•  Anger Management: Pacifying the Fury

•  Happiness / coaching (So what is happiness?)

•  Happiness / Coaching (Money = happiness, or does it?)

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