a brighter future
brighter future  


What treatment approach is utilised?

We provide Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and other evidence-based approaches. CBT focuses on changing unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, and behavioural patterns that are causing emotional distress and teaching new and more helpful coping skills.  

CBT is:

Active: We do more than just listen to your difficulties. Following a thorough assessment, we come to a shared understanding of the underlying causes and factors maintaining your difficulties. An appropriate treatment plan is developed to assist you to overcome or cope with your difficulties and/or achieve 'a brighter future'.

•  Practical: We practice the skills that you may use in your every day life.

• Brief and time-limited: Treatment normally requires only 5 to 15 sessions, depending upon your needs and the extent to which you practice the skills between sessions. We often provide take-home readings and other materials to assist you to achieve progress within the shortest period of time.   We aim to assist you to become your own therapist so that you no longer need psychology services.

Focused on the here-and-now, although exploration of how the past has affected the current may sometimes be worthwhile.

•  Evidence based: That is, it has been tested and found to be effective in hundreds of research studies for various difficulties. However, if it appears that CBT is not the best treatment for you, either we will provide an alternative treatment in which we are competent or refer you to someone else more appropriate.